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The province's an important part of the ancient and sacred tombs of the Jews. The capital city of
Hamadan Province by the Medes, Ecbatana was read. This collection is only a small corner of the historic and
 scenic areas of the province have been collected.
The province is one of the scenic areas. Capital, the ancient city of Hamadan is a cornerstone in the eighth century BC
 Herodotus the Medes during the Diako noted. Province in terms of population, the area of ​​the 
fourteenth and twenty-third in the country.
A marshland of the few caves and cave only cave aquatic world. Alisadr world's largest water cave.
 Winding hallways and corridors of the cave area is different. The fields of water, a huge lake formed inside the
 cave, hence the influence of the cave is possible only by boat. Geologists rock cave dating back to the
 Jurassic period of the Mesozoic Geology (190-136 million years ago) attribute. 

Stone lion sculptures belong to the Median period. Stone lion statue on the hill which is now located on the 
ancient hill because Parthian coffin was discovered at the site. In the year 319 AD. Q Mrdavyj Deilami wanted to
move one of them to Ray, but it was not successful, and the claws of the lions broke completely destroyed. 
Designer and architect engineers Bu Ali Shrine Oxus not install it in the current location. 


Median and Achaemenid and Parthian dynastic capital was the summer capital of Ecbatana.
The old town, the capital of Iran, along with Athens, Greece, and Rome, Italy, one of the few cities in the ancient
 world that is still alive and important. Greeks Hegmataneh Complex is called the Greek Ecbatana. Herodotus Dyaakv known,
 said the city has had seven walls, each painted one of their planets.


Rhyton (Raytheon) Golden Goat Hegmataneh the Achaemenid period artefacts that have been 
discovered in Ecbatana. The Raytheon-built in the shape of an antelope. Golden Rhyton Hegmataneh
 antelope in the "Museum of Ancient Iran" is held. 

Inscriptions of Darius and Xerxes Ganjname the text of which is engraved on the heart of one of
 the rocks of Mount Alvand. Each column 20-line inscription in three languages, ancient Persian,
 Babylonian and Elamite old written. Ancient Persian text on the left and a width of 115 cm has been 
both a tablet instead. Babylonian text in the middle of the two inscriptions were written in Elamite text in the third column. 

Dome Alavi Alavi four gardens near the "Shrine of Abdullah" city of Hamedan. It's one of the masterpieces of I
slamic architecture and molded in Hamedan. Under the technical certificate of the building, the dome of one of 
the monuments of the Seljuk period in the late first century AD that the mosque was built by Alavi family. In the period
 following the establishment of the cellar in the basement of the house has become a shrine. 

Burj al-Adha is one of the monuments of the seventh or eighth century AD that the four beds
 in the living martyr Hamadan civil and Taleghani Avenue Ibn Sina High School is located in the building 
next to the tomb of Shaykh al-Hasan ibn Attar Alla' Abu Hafez hamadani and a group of Prince Saljuq is .
 Supreme Skl his grandfather, but he was of Arab origin and their fathers were Hamadani.

Comprehensive Sjd Iran. Hegmataneh books come in the mosque during Fath Ali Shah Qajar style mosque in Tehran,
 Qazvin, and other cities have made it possible to start construction during the reign of Fath Ali Shah Mohammad Shah was
 or is. Hussein al-Taqi, known as Andalib, quoted in the oldest building of the mosque and later a number of
 Shbstanhay the appeal is based. 

Esther and Mordecai tomb or monument is among the most important shrines of the Jewish
 people and the world. These shrines are an important factor in the formation and continued existence of
 the Jewish community in Hamadan. In the wall of the tomb, and raised bed is Inscriptional Hebrew. Fund
 of Hebrew writing on Esther and Gchbryhay outstanding, from the eighth and ninth centuries AH. 

On the basis of a historical narrative Xerxes Jewish girl named Esther, the niece of Mordecai, was
 married. Meanwhile, a man named Haman, jealous of the influence of the Jews and the murder of Jews
 was Xerxes. But with the help of Esther, Mordecai took the command of the King of the Jews were saved
 from destruction. From then on, Jews were rescued in late March and early April, the anniversary 
of the massacre, celebrate Purim celebration. 

Habakkuk's tomb belongs to one of the prophets of Israel who lived around 700 BC and the guardian of 
the temple in Jerusalem was Jewish. According to a story in the year 548 BC, Cyrus the king of Persia, 
conquered Babylon and ordered the release of all prisoners of war and the Jewish prisoners issued. After the
 release of Habakkuk came and dwelt in a city Tuyserkan. This tomb is one of the oldest monuments of Iran. 

Tomb of Baba Taher in Hamedan and Khorramabad there. The Tomb of Baba Taher Oryan of 
Hamadan Baba Taher is contemporary field. Baba Taher who lived around the late fourth century and
 early fifth century AD, the great poets and mystics of his time. 

Tomb of Baba Taher in Khorramabad, historical and cultural monuments of the city. Building a tomb on
 the west side of the castle Kharazmshahi empyrean and the places that people 
have been known Khorramabad Bavtahr door. 

Rheumatologic memorial tomb of Avicenna Avicenna, philosopher, scientist and physician famous
 in the field of Avicenna in Hamedan is located. The tomb was built during the Qajar elementary building. 
The current building plan in 1330 by Mr. H. Oxus century architectural style Avicenna lived in the oldest 
building in the city of Gonbad Qaboos Tower dome of the Islamic healthcare was adopted. 

Syfaldvlh a secular mausoleum tombs and a plan is four-sided. 4 double-sided dome backgrounds
 that only a part of the Sassanid fire temple or 4 Arch and the other to the Qajar period and even after
 the like. In addition to the grave Syfaldvlh tombs, graves Amyralmvyd and
 Saif al-grandchildren and seven other graves are located. 

Castle Ardalan (camels) for the period of time in the city Tuyserkan, camels village is
 located. The castle is a reminder of the wars in Iran and Russia. 


Hidden or secret underground city of Samen, probably before the Parthian period, about 15 
kilometers malayer located in the city of Samen. The underground city is likely to belong to the Parthian
 period before some spaces to the burial of the dead is used. The findings can be concluded that the first 
architecture to perform certain rituals, probably the Code of Mithra, was used. 

Myrftah refrigerator built in the Qajar period and its height from the floor to the dome is
 12 meters long and 4 meters above the ice storage. The old fridge has two, one for loss and discharge the ice and 
the other in the main atrium with a staircase leads to the bottom of the freezer and place the ice harvest.
 The exterior and interior chest two rows of bricks used as an insulator and prevents heat
 penetration and melting ice in summer anthem.

Tomb of Joshua Ben-Noah (Jewish prophet) malayer in the gardens near the village made of black belt.
 The tower is the tomb of Baba Hussein (or Ddhsyn), known as the Tomb of the Prophets of Israel, 
Joshua Ben-Noah has previously been considered by the Jews in the region.

For Haj Qatrab works Qajar bathroom Skinheads Skinheads located in the old town part of tuna, hot and 
cold shower, rooms King Nshyr, Khzynh formed, and includes decorations such as the battle with the late R. White and Tile is Hkbry. 

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